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All the venues that you wished for are now true!

At FredGil Tennis, we believe that the right environment is crucial for a truly exceptional tennis experience. That's why we take great pride in offering you access to our amazing locations and state-of-the-art facilities.

Get ready to indulge in a world-class setting that will elevate your tennis journey to new heights!

Banzão, Sintra

The most exclusive tennis court, based at Frederico Gil's own place.

Here you'll get a feel of privacy and closeness: practice where a previous ATP player has had most of his trainings and play at a private, limited access and great court, maintained to ensure the best conditions.

Here you can benefit from specific care and focus on players only.

Casal Sta. Maria, Sintra

Play in Casal Sta. Maria, a court with exclusive access, placed in between the charm of one of the most western vineyards of Europe and inserted in a magical Villa whose history dates back to the beginning of the XVIII century.

Practising on this court will, not only, help you to develop your tennis skills, but also allow you to enjoy a unique post-game break in familiar surroundings - that can always be enriched with a final wine tasing or a simple glass of locally produced wine!

*Playing at this court is subject to availability confirmation.

Duetto, Sintra

Duetto's courts are part of a complex that offers 3 courts, a restaurant and support facilities for players.

You will find it in Lourel, in Sintra Municipal Sports Complex, with private parking and an open-air space to enjoy any matches in progress or simply relax at the esplanade.

After a train or a class, chill while catching the sunset, accompanied by a bite from the Portuguese and Italian restaurant that serves this space.

Jamor, Lisboa

The renowned courts of Jamor are part of the Tennis Training Centre of Jamor which has 35 tennis courts, surrounded by a vast area of pleasant green spaces.

The Centre Court was opened on 10th June 1945 and has been considered by many elite players as one of the most beautiful tennis courts in the world.

Although it has been renovated, the main court, Central Court at the Tennis Training Centre, has kept its architectural design intact, which may seem familiar to you for being the stage of several tennis circuits.

*Playing at this court is subject to availability confirmation.

Outpost, Sintra

Included in the amenities of Casa das Arribas (Outpost), this court combines the space and privacy of a field in your own home.

Situated high above the Atlantic Ocean in and around the picturesque fishermen’s village of Azenhas do Mar, here you can fully dedicate yourself to your game, without a single distraction other than the light sea breeze.

*Playing at this court is subject to availability confirmation.

Tivoli Seteais, Sintra

On this clay court you will feel like in a Grand Slam! It's not only the conditions of the course, the surrounding nature or its location in a luxurious and romantic palace that, through its architecture, transports us to the refinement and atmosphere of the 18th century.

On this court, with exclusive access, you can book the most private lessons and improve all your skills in a targeted and premium way.

*Playing at this court is subject to availability confirmation.

Vila Galé, Lagos

Located in different regions, the tennis courts that are an integral part of all the Vila Galé Hotels gives you access to a premium experience.

Starting in Lagos, soon this offer will extend beyond the ocean and reach all Vila Galé's facilities in Brasil.

Meanwhile, whether or not this is included in a stay in one of the best regions to practice the sport, have all your matches here and, with all the comfort and relaxation, excel at your game!

Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting your tennis journey, our highly classed locations and facilities are designed to inspire and elevate your game.

From the moment you set foot on our grounds, you'll be captivated by the beauty, functionality and care that defines our venues.

Indulge yourself and your family an unparalleled tennis experience where stunning locations and cutting-edge facilities converge.

Discover and enjoy the perfect backdrop for your tennis dreams to unfold!

Feel like playing?

Remember: Spaces are limited, secure your spot now and get ready to unlock your tennis potential!